Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Day of Veggin Out

So lately Tim hasn't been feeling well so we have mostly been sitting around the house in our cave of a bedroom. I think walter was getting a little perturbed with us for making him sit around all day. So today, after laying in bed till about 3:30pm we dragged out butts out of the house. We met up with Rocky (Tims younger brother) and his family (Lael, his wife and Leyani 4, and Milas 20 months), Michael (Tims older brother) and his family (Star, his wife, Gunner 4, Monet 2, and Eden 7 months), and Kristi (Tim's older sister) and her Two daughters and son Jonah over at Tim's parents house for some swimming and pizza. Which was a good thing cuz Tim had been talking all day about how he was craving pizza (even though he still was slightly sick).  But Walter decided he didnt need a nap until we on our way over to Nana'a house (Tim's mom)...lol so he sent the first 45 minutes of swim time asleep in the back bedroom lol!  But when he finally did wake up man he was so cute! He is definitely gives a meaning to the term water baby! He is even a good sport about going underwater! At 6 months! after a little while the kids were getting a little worn out and the adults were getting hungry so we went inside ordered Papa Johns and Kristi made brownies. Although we didn't do hardly anything it was a good lazy day!

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  1. Yay! I am so excited you have a blog!! Welcome, haha! Love you guys!



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